Community-based Therapeutic Horticulture

Mounting research supports the fact that humans benefit greatly from meaningful connections to the natural world. In urban communities where opportunities to engage with nature are limited, or inaccessible, horticultural therapy can play a vital role in fostering a beneficial human-nature relationship. In service to our belief that nature is a human right and not a privilege, and our goal of connecting people to plants, Larkspur offers monthly therapeutic horticulture group sessions with local partner organizations. These sessions are offered at no cost to the participants. We would be grateful for your support in providing these services.


A $20 donation provides session supplies and snacks for 1 community member to participate in a session


Soil is life!

A $10 donation provides a bag of soil for one gardening-related class.


Information is power!

A $5 donation covers printing costs for plant care-sheets and other relevant handouts we provide at our sessions.


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